Tribute song for chris cornell

I am currently in my last semester of college. I chose to go back to a University and get my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Media/Film. I have learned so much about everything I have a passion for especially when it comes to Writing/Music/Sound Production and Media/Film/Editing.

As for Music! I am Performing Acoustic Solo gigs and as Jenevieve X (edm) as well as Toplining for a Music Publishing Company in Europe. They have been putting my vocals on top of some awesome Electronic DJ/Producers Music. One of them is Mason of Amsterdam! I am constantly writing new music ideas, over 300 songs and still counting. ;)

Something inspired me to write a Tribute song for Chris Cornell, it is beautiful. He deserves one, I am working on the final mix and plan to release as soon as possible. All proceeds will go to his children. #motivate #time #life #passion #truth