Interview with Jenevieve Cruz

What does your band name mean and where does it come from? "Our band name means that the musicians I write and perform music with all have something in common, we are Submissive to music. We are obedient to our passion for creating our own unique sound. It is important to share a vision with your band mates. The band name was suggested by Ronnie when the two of us started writing songs together. I thought it sounded intriguing. 

What is the title of your Debut Album?
Queen of the First.

The first of what?
lol. My cousin used to say this to me sarcastically when we were teenagers. She was sort of making fun of me because, I was always someone's first. First crush, first weird friend, first adventure, first girl crush, first love, etc. To this day I am, my lovers first for something.

Who writes your songs? 
It started out with Ronnie and I writing all of the songs together. (him on guitar; me writing lyrics) Currently, we are all creating the music together. A song may start with an idea Ronnie or I wrote on guitar or that Ngozi wrote on bass. I write all of the lyrics. Writing and creating new songs is my favorite part being in a band.

How many songs have you written?
Over 180, some are just ideas but none the less. I love writing and sometimes I use my poems for lyrics.

Are you a poet?
Yes. I have been writing poems since I was sixteen. I have had a couple of my poems published in Urban Ink Magazine and Fashion Haunts. I am looking into publishing a book of my poems this coming year as well. I also think it is great that there is a category to the Grammy's now for Spoken Word albums. I have recorded some spoken word in my studio that I plan on putting up on YouTube along with video images.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Love, Being in love, Hope and Overcoming hurt and topics that everyone can relate to in some way.

Do you think these topics will change over time? 
Yes, they already have. Half way through writing this album, I got to this point where I started writing lyrics about subjects that pertain not just to love but, to society and universal topics. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
I am going to say honing in on our sound. We had all of these songs and recorded a 5 song EP. It has gotten a very well response and has bought us success and recognition but, the genre was hard to define. Now we have found our "sound" and you get to hear it January 6, 2017 when our debut album releases. Or you can hear it live now at one of our gigs.

Tell us a secret?
Well, when I was born my mother named me Joey after her. She was debating on Jenevieve or Joey and every time she would call me by the name Jenevieve I would kick my legs and smile. Two weeks later she legally changed my name to Jenevieve. So, I essentially named myself and glad I did. It is a rare name.

By: Mia Fox - Corporal Music Group