Nothing in the universe is solid; lets flow like an ocean without dissecting its wave pattern; well never catch up with the twists and turns, Mother Nature sets the rules.

I can dive; make love; feel your warmth surround me but, I am still dying; still escaping the hold society has on us all

Longing to lash out with my own superior shenanigans, what will make freedom reign or ring inside of me?

The lupine animal I am longs for the penetration of truth, we all relate, weave in and out of states, what a beautiful thing. I too am ebullient when my mother is near me, entertain me with something more, define this sheltered home my eyes swim inside, convince me that there is a god and a place worth the wend

There are operations going on above us, underneath us, inside of us and somehow we are each left to summon our own conclusion if any be discovered in a lifetime, to fit in with the puzzle we utter life.-J. Cruz

Unveiled (Spoken Word Collection Available on iTUNES now) Vol. 1 Life Written/Performed/Produced By: Jenevieve Cruz