Grundge Love

I am a philomath of love
your callow
so you can not see
I'm weakened by
every one of your lineaments
these daydreams leave
me dormant in you
from time to time
and when I chose to open up
that's when you shut me down
a steady feeling
separate me from this
because your childish ways
can never meet me halfway
as we pass the days alone
our nights erase memories
without one another
and I'm ready to smoother
you with each memory
for I am the only one to remember
while you could never commemorate
such beauty
through the thick and the thin
all our magical moments
your being
as I count the days
until I arrive at your home
to embrace your existence
arm in my clear view
your all I require
like every other spoiled, hungry, stupid fool out there
there is a thing
that makes me different
that in which you chose not to see.-J. Cruz

Published in Urban Ink Magazine | April 2012